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Welcome to Aural Workstation

Located in the heart of South Kolkata, Aural Workstation is a one stop facility for all things audio. Focussing on Post Production and audio services for the entertainment industry, we work with Film, Television and Music.

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What We Do

The Team

  • Anindit Roy

    An accomplished guitarist, he has played with numerous bands over the years, Naireet, Ee Teez and Jihaad, to name a few [...]

  • Adeep Singh Manki

    Always had a keen interest in the technical aspect of a musical experience, which led him to pursue a degree in audio production[...]

  • Annreeju Ray

    A student of guitarist, composer and producer Amyt Datta, he is a prolific guitarist himself, having been a part of bands like Hyphen, Nastik[...]

  • Arghya Chakraborty

    A skilled mis-communicator, able to maintain cultural insensitivity, destroy rapport with members of diverse groups[...]

Testi Monials

  • Arindam Sil

    I proudly promote AWS. My experience of working with them is an honest and sincere effort..

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  • Pandit Bickram Ghosh

    It was a pleasure working at Anindit's studio - Aural Workstation. The team is creative...

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  • Abir Chatterjee

    Aural Workstation, with all modern equipments is ready to provide the much required cutting edge technology to Bangla cinema...

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  • Arko Mukhaerjee

    Impeccable recording aesthetics, calmness of mind and a loving fun atmosphere, Aural Workstation is one of my favourite work stations...

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